So, this video just blew my f*cking mind.


A lot of stuff just happened here, so allow me to help you process what you just saw.

Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years has obviously built her own time machine and has traveled forward in time to 2011. She’s wearing an obscene amount of make up. In addition, its Friday. Furthermore, yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward.

Friday is good because of its proximity to the weekend, which is fun. Fun is difficult to define, but YOU know what it is.

Finally, each day of the week has a song. I was NOT aware of this! Now that I know, I have written them here, so as not to forget:

Sunday: Another Plesant Valley Sunday

Monday: Manic Monday

Tuesday: Tuesday’s Gone With the Wind

Wednesday: Listen to Wednesday’s Song

Thursday: I Am Thursday’s Child

Friday: Friday I’m In Love

(I checked the internet and all of those appear to be actual songs)


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