Once A Witch – By Carolyn MacCullough

So, this book is basically a YA version of  A Discovery of Witches. And that’s totally cool. If you don’t want to read a really long book for grown-ups right now, but you still want to read about witches and blood feuds and secret books and time travel and big rambling houses in upstate New York – this is the book for you!

Once A Witch is the story of Tasmin, a snarky cigarette smoking teenager born into a family of powerful witches. Unfortunately, Tasmin seems to have failed to manifest a magical Talent as expected, and is the proverbial black sheep of her family. Overshadowed by a beautiful and Talented sister, Tasmin feels like she dosen’t belong in her own family.  So in an attempt to escape the disappointed and piteous gazes of her magically inclined family, she attends a boarding school for humans in New York City.

While home from school for the summer, Tasmin reconnects with childhood friend-that’s-a-boy, Gabriel – who has grown into a hot musician who can time travel. She also falls into the magical trap of a scary-yet-sexy NYU professor and places the existence of her entire family in jeopardy.

This book features several things that I ADORE in a YA book:

1) Gorgeous cover art!

2) Boarding School!!

3) Supernatural shenanigans

4) Teenage drinking and smoking presented in a non-judgmental manner

The sequel to this story – Always a Witch -will be available August and I will surely continue to follow Tasmin’s tale of late blooming magical powers. You should too!


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  1. […] addition to the final book in Wolves of Mercy Falls series, this summer also brings the sequel to Once a Witch, the first book in the aforementioned Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy spin-off series […]

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