Hey, remember high school? I don’t. It was a long, long time ago. Long before such modern necessities as internets and text messages and tivo. It was like cave times, but worse.

In high school (and also in the movie “Mean Girls”) they had these things called Slambooks. Apparently, people would write flattering or mean stuff about each other in notebooks.  They would then pass the books around to each other and make snarky comments about what other people wrote. You know, kind of like Facebook…for cave people.

I learned all about Slambooks in the extremely excellent Sweet Valley High book Slam Book Fever. I originally read this magnum opus long ago, but picked it up again as part of my Sweet Valley High obsession. Revisiting this tale of …er… slambookery… brought back all kinds of traumatic memories. I remember trying to get Slambooks to catch on in elementary school…but, it never really did. Ironically, the same exact people I couldn’t get interested in Slambooks are currently clogging up my Facebook with pictures of their kids and detailed information about some kind of digital farm I couldn’t give a shit about.  Irony is such a hilarious bitch, isn’t she?

Anyway, Slambooks seemed like such a fun, old-timey thing to revisit. One of my top skills is saying mean things about people (interspersed with the occasional random compliment).  Its fun and people laugh and everyone has a good time. I’m really good at making fun of people I work with, but you kind of have to know those people to appreciate it.

So, I’m going to stick to making fun of books and stuff.


4 Responses

  1. I have to say…I don’t think the reason you don’t remember high school is that it was so long ago.

    • OK…that’s only part of the reason…the drugs, the electroshock therapy and the restraining order(s) are also contributing factors.

  2. It’s Vicky. I’m here now. Happy???

    • OMG! YES! My life is finally complete! We can officially abandon LJ! 🙂

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